Friday, September 08, 2006

Pipe Dreams

When you're a teenager, you typically have lofty visions of what your life is going to be like. As you think about your future, you have all sorts of ideas of things you'd like to do and careers you'd love to have. These usually mirror your interests at the time. Back in the day my friends and I would dream about, among other things:
  • Circling the globe in search of the endless winter (ala Endless Summer II)
  • Becoming pro-snowboarders/skiers
  • Designing ski/board/skate/outdoor equipment
  • Becoming independent filmmakers (ala Jackass and/or skate/snowboard/skiing flicks)
  • Making it as musicians
  • Becoming journalists for Rolling Stone or some snowboarding/skiing magazine
  • Opening an independent music venue/lounge
  • Opening a skate shop/skate park
  • Making killer investments and living off the fat of the land
My friend Geoff Tice dreamt of inheriting some inordinate sum of money and buying a huge house, complete with all the fixins' (a skate ramp/park, swimming pool, pool table, huge screen T.V., etc.), where all of his friends could live and/or crash. This would preferably have been in some SoCal town right near the beach (like some skater friends he had in High School).

Soon, however, reality set in. We got in line and acqueisced to more traditional fields of work. In the process we've become (or are on the road to becoming) accountants, lawyers, teachers, professors, social workers, techies and/or managers of some sort. We have day jobs with offices or are slaving through grad school. We have families and responsibility and have lost those grand visions of our youth.

Most of us that is. I do have one friend that dropped out of college several years ago to become a professional cyclist. He's now sponsored, lives in Austria, and rides for Volksbank.

Another friend, Geoff Tice (the kid with the pipe dream above), seemingly had given into "the man," graduating in communications from BYU and settling down with a nice job for an ad agency in Salt Lake... but now he's turning back to the roots that most of us have begun to forget. This past year he came up with an idea for an online snowboarding magazine. Initially many of our friends thought it was just another bright idea that would burn out under a bushel. But Tice, while slugging through his day job, hired a web-designer, sought out and signed several pro snowboarders, and worked to drum up advertisers for the site. He sold a duplex he owned in order to finance his efforts, and, this past week, brought the project online. While Tice's magazine may make you feel like an old hack who's become part of the establishment, it's definitely worth a look: Who knows, you might just find yourself crashing at Tice's pad in a few years.


Maui said...

T-ice good luck at ASR dude, we are all keeping our fingers crossed. Mostly so I can crash at the house and ride the jib park in the backyard.

BA said...

I mainly hope it will work just so you can pay me back those three dollars you owe me for gas from six years ago.

I kid, I kid, snowblahg is awesome, way to go Tice.

Gargantus said...

dude, maui, remember when you me and woo went skating, and i showed you how to land a shove it, then land it, then shoot the board out from under your feet and crash agaist the cement with the tip of your tailbone? That trick is my signature move.

Gargantus said...

and thanks for the shout out, marc. do i have to change my template from gay to manly again? I think i should.

Mrs. McDreamy said...

Way to live the dream boys. I think my friends and I mostly just dreamt about the houses and being able to afford boob jobs and a maid. We left the career dreaming up to you men.

Marc said...

Maui - Amen... maybe he'll have a half-pipe that I can fall down on.

Garg - Aren't you the trendsetter? So by default whatever template you choose should be the right one.

McDreamy - What's with chicks and boob jobs?

tigerfoxbear said...

The site is pretty awesome. I know a few people who never doubted that he would succed, mainly Maui, me and Tice. I hope you all feel bad.

Seriously though, that site is badassness.

Mrs. McDreamy said...

Marc, it all began with the Barbie doll.

Marc said...

TFB - I said nothing of doubting whether Tice would succeed... I simply spoke of wondering whether Tice would take his idea and run with it while it was in its formative stages. We've all talked about a lot of different ideas and few of us have really seen them through. To Tice's credit, he saw this one through.

McDreamy - Okay, but most guys I know aren't lobbying their wives/girlfriends to get breast implants. If your significant others are fine with you as is, what gives?

melbo said...

Most guys aren't lobbying because they'll look like a-holes. No man would be disappointed with the results. Even you, Marc.
I think it's sweet that Tice has gone through with this. I hope it gets huge and then we can arrange a marriage between our son and Aiko. Hahaha, all you guys with daughters are sooo jealous.