Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mormons ≠ Cool?

"[Y]ou can't be a Mormon and be cool! But I'm trying my best!''
Brandon Flowers
Lead Singer for The Killers
Quoted in the
Observer Magazine
(Hit Tip: David Kennedy)


BA said...

Instead of trying to be cool, The Killers should try to put a decent album out.

Marc said...

Touché... but you have to admit that the chicks in bikinis in front of a beat up trailer are pretty cool though.

Anonymous said...

That's why I just stopped trying a long time ago,

being mormon I mean.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Is he trying his best to be cool or to be a Mormon? I guess the chicks in bikinis should make it clear.

Mind Spewer said...

Good thing you can be Mormon and hot. Like me.

Hobby Horse said...

"Flowers and the guitarist bonded over an enthusiasm for Oasis, and a desire to be huge."

Wow, I should look into this band.

Mrs. McDreamy said...

On the Today show yesterday they had a lady that has a new cooking show on the food network. She was showing Matt some comfort foods and among them was funeral potatoes. She put in a plug that it was a Mormon recipe. I felt pretty cool right then. Our blessed cheesy potatoes with the corn flakes on top made the Today show. Thus, you are wrong - Mormon = cool.

Lizzy said...

I like the Killers. Does that make me uncool by association?

Marc said...

Maui - Well... umm... do you want me to say that it seems to be working for you?

Anon - He's trying his best to be Mormon of course... us Mormons, we'll give you all the bikini-clad chicks you can handle.

Mind - Good thing.

Hobby - You should... they're not as bad as you might think.

McDreamy - Perhaps you should be CC'ing Brandon on this find of yours. I'm sure he'll be relieved to know.

Liz - Nope... being Mormon does.

Gargantus said...

I'm more than cool... I'm a bad ass with a heart of gold.

SmootheP said...

So... I have been listening to the new album Sam's Town and I have read all about it and about Flowers and have seen them on Conan and SNL lately. Not that my music taste is anything special, but my review of the band and album would have to be this:

OVER-RATED. Really glad I didn't pay for it.

and Flowers really sucks live. The guy can't carry a note to save his life (this guy makes Bono look like Celine Dion). Even Bob Dylan sounded better. I was getting dizzy watching them on SNL. He should probably try fixing his voice before he starts discussing how his band is going to take over the world.

But he gets two thumbs up for acting like a glasses-wearing, Vegas version of Thom Yorke.

And seriously, who advertises that they like Oasis? Remember how much hype Oasis brought on about their own band back during the mid-90's? They were setup to be the next Beatles. By themselves. And look what they did from that point on... I think they're working at the homeless shelter in Leeds now. Which is cool, just not what they predicted. And I love watching cocky SOBs get what they deserve. Even cocky Mormons. I'm predicting the same over-hyped-by-themselves-downfall for the Killers.