Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Under The Gun

Sometimes I can’t figure myself out. I hate pressure… but it’s often what I need to impel myself to action. When I’m under the gun, I’m usually on task, thorough and efficient. When I’m not, results can vary. Take today for instance. I only have one class on Wednesdays; one that today I decided to skip to catch up on all of my classes from the comfort of home. I was adamant that I would rise early and jump right on my task list. Didn’t happen. I end up snoozing myself until 10 this morning. It's okay though, I still have all day you see. But first the dog must be walked and fed, the email checked, and news read. After that I have a bite to eat before I immerse myself in International Business Transactions. Once fed, I build a fire thinking it will be nice to study next to. Then the mailman shows up. Letters to read – which reminds me, did I get any new email? Okay. Serious study time now. Wait… Brian IM’d me. Better shoot the sh-t about the State of the Union address for awhile. Arrrghh… Dog has to go pee, I’ll just run him onto the front lawn and back in again. Crap! A speaker bailed on the Conference I’m planning. I really need to see about a replacement. Rob’s calling. I have to talk to him about picking him up from the airport tonight. Geez. I’m bushed. I should start condensing my notes and hit my reading, but maybe I’ll squeeze a game of Settlers first – just to clear my head of course. Dog’s by the door; didn’t I just take him out? Fire’s low. Let me get wood quick. Back to homework now. What music should I listen to while I study? Maybe there is something new on the FTP. Wow. I’m a little famished. Snack break… I’ll be quick. Oh.. and I should pay my Verizon Bill before I forget. Okay, where was I. International Business Transactions. Let me check my email fast before I get started. Damn. It’s 5pm.


woo said...

Nowhere in there did I see "write blog unrelated to important issue". I wait and wait, and while waiting I get stuff done. Come on dude, don't leave me hangin' forever!

BA said...

Early bird gets the worm.

tigerfoxbear said...

You little early bird!! YOU EARLY BIRD YOU!!!! I love my little early bird.