Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bumped Into The Pope This Morning...

True story. Right outside my office actually. Even got to sing Happy Birthday to him. (FYI: He's the little white splotch on the red dais that's just to the right of the gold dais).

Hold the balding, overweight, middle-age jokes please:

Here's a close up shot:

The President Bush is standing walking right where the blurry, shiny spot is on the red dais and Pope Benedictus is guy with a white head and shirt just up and to the right of him:


Maui said...

Sweet, I have so many questions for him, like how did you like The Da Vinci Code?

David said...

So what's the billing code for stalking the Pope?

Marc said...

Like the rest of us, I think Tom Hanks mullet probably ruined the movie for him.

Marc said...

David - It's good to see that law school has successfully taught you to think like a lawyer.

Rob said...

He just drove by my office. I've never seen such incredible security. The new pope mobile is pretty sweet.

melbo said...

Happy Birthday, Pope! I just love that he's skipping the birthday party Bush is throwing for him and talking to the Bishops about sexual abuse instead. (To stop doing it, that is.) Most people would skip the downers and go live it up.

Beth said...

"Bumped Into?" Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration? Still though, that's closer than I've ever been.

tigerfoxbear said...

Those are incredible shots, looks like you were literally within 10,000 yards of him! Congrats! I'd actually be more impressed if you could get a shot into the white house of the President or something.

Marc said...

Well... for your information Sean, if you took the time to blow up the second photograph you'd see both the President AND the Pope.

By the way... since you don't appear to appreciate the balcony, don't expect another invitation to our Fourth of July extravaganza this year.


Amy Morris said...

Wow! Up close and personal.

Carly Gourley said...

Cool pics, Marc! And no, I did not delete your comments...but that's only because I haven't figured out how. Rest assured that once I do, all evidence of Marc Bohn will be eradicated from the blogospere!! UUWWAHAHAHAHA!!!

buddens said...

Marc, you're not middle-aged ...

Treidi said...

Maybe "24" melted my brain but with a high powered rifle I think someone could do some world leader reorganizing.

Do you have security teams up there during these events?


ps-you look handsome in a balding, middle aged way:)

Marc said...

Amy - What can I say, I've got connections.

Carly - Well... Melbo and I are just going to have to chat. No more blogging tutorial's for Carly.

Buddens - Aww shucks.

Treidi - There's some hella' security just to get up in my building though... plus those snipers on the White House roof eye us every time we're out on our balcony.

Chris said...

Yeah, I can't see either of them. Nonetheless, your view is pretty sweet.

King Family said...

fyi-the pope is neither bald, nor middle aged :)

Marc said...

Chris - What?! Next thing you know you'll be saying the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

King Family - Ba-boom Ching.

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