Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sick of the never-ending campaign cycle? Take a spin on this and call me in the morning.


Mike Bohn said...

Punches thrown: 129
Punches landed: 142

I must be magic :)

Alifinale said...

So this is what lawyers do all day. Good to know.

melbo said...

So is it bad that I chose Hillary and just sat there and let Obama punch her?

Marc said...

Mike - Was that ever in question?

Ali - Billin' time Ali, billin' time.

Melbo - Not bad. Freud might say you're a bit of a masochist, that's all.

Viegas-Haws said...

Well Hello there! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog a little while ago... very entertaining :) -It might take you a while to remember me - I am Carol Acord's Black Belgian friend from BYU... C'mmon, you haven't met that many Belgians have you? Here's another clue, I had your dad in a couple of classes and he was my "supervisor" during the Washington Seminar I did back in the days... and I guess the 2 of you set me up on a blind date once with a guy from Africa, we went to a local concert in SLC,... It was actually a fun evening (although the date wasn't my type at all, nice try, ha! ha!) I don't want to write a novel here but do you remember me now? Anyways, it is fun to read you and see your family - my family blog is private but if you care to go look at it (and maybe the pictures might refresh your memory)you can email me at viegashaws@gmail.com. ciao.

Jonesy said...

I never thought I'd see the death of Marcs blog, but it appears to be imminent...nearly two months since the last post!

annie said...

maybe he's too busy bohnspamming.

Mike Bohn said...

This blog is a rotting corpse. Not that mine is much better but I have larger expectations from you.

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