Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Only in Utah my friends... only in Utah.


tigerfoxbear said...

Sounds like someone is a little doped up on painers. I hope you aren't judging her Mr Dr.

Mike said...

maybe not judging, but obviously being amused

I had to show that one to my room mate last week.

woo said...

At least she didn't say "we're thankthy".

blondemama said...

I think I did that once when I answered the phone. Poor lady, I can only imagine her face after she did that.

buddens said...

That's hilarious! We used to always do that if we answered the phone right before the prayer on dinner. "Our Fahter in Heav... Hello?" Vice-versa, my sister once opened her dinner prayer with "Hello?"

Tara said...

OK...this is funny, but isn't it pretty obvious that someone just put two clips together? I mean, her voice sounds TOTALLY different from the announcement to the prayer. You can tell right where they pasted her prayer in. And don't you think the background music is a little suspicious?

Just thought I'd put a serious note to all this.

Although, I can imagine it actually happening, but I don't think she'd go for as long as she did w/o catching herself.


AA said...

So it’s the middle of the night and I am bored here in my oatmeal factory, really bored since I resorted to reading old posts here at The World According to Marc.

Anyway, I happened upon your comments titled Terminate Schwarzenegger. I was shocked and appalled to see you failed to include in you’re A-list of actors turned politicians the mighty Fred Grandy – AKA Gopher on The Love Boat.

So to correct this wrong some 18+ months later I have included his bio below from some random website that feels it necessary to include sexual orientation and whether or not someone has ever caught fire in their write-ups on people. BTW there are 23 people on their 'Caught Fire' list and they also consider being a vegetarian a ‘Risk Factor’.

becca said...

Can you imagine the humiliation? Did she get fired?

Marc said...

TFB - Mr. Dr.?

Mike - Exactly.

Blonde - Makes for great stories to tell the ole' grandkiddos though, no?

Tara - I can't attest to the authenticity of the recording, but my mom says it's all the rage in Utah right now so perhaps someone's gotten to the bottom of it.

AA - FYI - If you comment on old posts like the Schwarzenegger post I'll be notified... and I hope the fact that I had no idea who Fred Grandy was until reading your comment doesn't completely destroy your image of me.

Becca - No clue. You're at ground zero, you tell me.