Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jackie Chan's Brother?

[Setting: Las Vegas. January 2nd. The wife and I on our way into the MGM Grand to celebrate our anniversary at the restaurant I used to work at.]

Me: Wow. That's Johnny Chan.

Melbo: Who?

Me: Here... take the camera. I want to see if I can get a picture with him.

Melbo: Get a picture with who?

Me: Johnny... nevermind. Here. Just follow me.

Me: Excuse me. Mr. Chan, would it be alright if I got a picture with you?

Johnny: Sure, just make it quick.

Me: Thanks so much.

Johnny: No problem.

Melbo: Who was that?

Me: Johnny Chan.

Melbo: Is that like Jackie Chan's brother?

Me: What?! No. Haven't you ever seen the movie Rounders?

Melbo: I think so. Maybe?

Me: Well, he's a poker player. Only guy to ever win the World Series of Poker's Main Event two years in a row. He's won like ten WSOP bracelets.

[Melbo: Completely loses all interest]

[Me: Wonder if I'm the lone soul in Mormondom that's able recognize the former champ]


David said...

The next Skippy Jessop?

Mike Bohn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Bohn said...

I'll try again :)

Great post ... you aren't the only one. I have found myself watching many a re-run of the poker world series on ESPN2.


Marc said...

David - How can you drop the name of Skippy Jessop without linking to his website? (If you're brave enough to visit... click on the pictures tab).

Mikie - Perhaps it just runs in the family?

Alifinale said...

I am going to have to side with Melbo here. Sorry, but even if I did recognize him I can't say that I would care. Glad you got a pic with your celebrity though.

Mind Spewer said...

I think it would've almost have been cooler if he was Jackie Chan's brother. I sort of want to have my picture taken with the siblings of celebrities--just to make them feel better about not being famous.

CRAIGERS said...

Hmmmm....something's fishy here. I thought the Prophet did not encourage 'gambling'! OH, I see....you just watch to see how life COULD be. OH - oK!! :)

Treidi said...

Due to my stint as a 3-5-7 addict and eventual no holds player I might of recognized him but it would have been tough without his poker face and dark glasses on.

Marc said...

Ali - Figures. That's just like you Ali... always siding with Melbo.

Mind - I'd like to see that scrapbook of pictures one day if you ever put your plan into action.

Craigers - Exactly.

Treidi - Sorry if my post gave you the itch to play again. You can tell your bishop it's my fault if you want to.

Toe said...

Funny stuff. It's interesting because less then two months ago I was at Bellagio and he was chillin' standing up near my table and a few people asked him for a pic' and he accepted but I couldn't help but notice how he hated every second of it. Even a few hot chicks came up and asked and he was still not into it at all.

PS- I forgot to tell you. There's been three individuals (Chan being one) to win the main event in back to back years, but of course none of your blog readers will know that so I think your ok.

Marc said...

(1) You called me out Toe... He actually kind of glared at me and didn't seem to happy when he told me to 'make it quick.'

(2) Touche... how could I forget about Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson, and Stu Unger?! (Thank you Wikipedia)

Amy Morris said...

Brings me back to the 3-5-7 days.

I've watched a little of the poker series but not enough to recognize someone. I'm not surprised one bit that you would recognize him. You know everyone.

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