Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blueberry Memories

Atop my desk sits an unorthodox memento of sorts. Not one you’d normally expect to see on an office desk. Odds are, you probably wouldn’t know quite what to make of it if you saw it. At first glance you might mistake it for an old, moldy bagel. But in fact it’s actually an old blueberry bagel. My wife has tried to throw it away or pack it out of sight on a couple of occasions. She doesn’t seem to grasp the sentimental value that this almost petrified baked good holds for me.

A good friend sent me this bagel on my mission. He had saved a couple of bagels from a dozen I’d sent him while he was in the Missionary Training Center himself (I worked at a Bagel shop at the time). Both of our missions were unbelievably challenging, but extremely fulfilling experiences, and, for one reason or another, the bagel just struck a chord. It seemed to represent for me the deep and abiding relationships that were, in large part, why I chose to serve. I kept it on my nightstand in every one of my mission apartments. One glimpse of it would bring me comfort and remind me that I wasn't alone.

This rock hard, boiled and baked, lil' New York wonder bun has come to symbolize my evolution from high school slacker into… er… young adult slacker. It signifies a rite of passage and embodies a friendship that has seen me through as I've struggled to find direction and meaning in life. It typifies my religious awakening, a series of refreshing highs and discouraging lows, a difficult, but deeply rewarding journey. Can’t you see it?


Gargantus said...

it probably tastes, just like it looks... delicious.

Treidi said...

I have an exact twin of that bagel and it lives in my night stand. I have to admit that I got the idea from a stale bagel key chain that Tice made in high school for his piece of junk white car (what was that thing?) Anyway, I echo all bagel thoughts you bagel master.

Geoff Tice said...

That "piece of junk white car" was a 1981 Datsun 210. Man, many mermories from that ride. The bagel key chain was a result of losing the keys of the Datsun while on a trip in Rexburg. Once I had my keys attched to the bagel though, I never lost them again.

Marc said...

Your proper place in the Bagel's lore will forever be noted Geoff.

As for the Datsun... if only you'd put oil in the sucker.