Monday, May 30, 2005

A Blogging Virgin

While I've sporadiacally posted to various blogs over the past couple of years... I've just recently decided to branch out into a blog of my own. What has spurred this sudden surge of empowerment you ask? Well... I'm not quite sure other than to say that I've thought having a blog might help me to think through issues more thoroughly and frame ideas more articulately. I guess I've also hoped that it might encourage a little creativity in a mind that has, of late, felt sapped of any imaginative or inspired impulse. Law school seems to have this way of simply sucking you dry.

What's odd is that in the wake of being bowled over by the Mack truck that is the first year of law school, I do feel that I have some direction for the first time in awhile. While I am certainly no closer to knowing just what I'll do with a law degree or into which basket I should be stowing my eggs, I have gotten a sense of what I need in life, and what I don't want any part of. I still, however, feel less confident of myself now than I did a year ago... but I think that might be a normal part of the law school experience. As things stand, I know my strengths and am (keenly) aware of my weaknesses, and that's not a particularly bad position to be in. My problem is that I still sometimes get bogged down in the immediate challenges I am faced with and this can create tunnel vision.

To return to my original point, these are among the reasons that I decided to blog. While getting this first post out has been like pulling teeth, I hope it may serve to prime my creative pump. Interestingly, I feel a little shy in posting this - I feel naked to the world. It's not that I've said anything profound or poetic or anything risky or incriminating... but that I haven't. I've simply thrown out a few thoughts that I'm not sure are worth the blog they're posted on. Maybe after trying for awhile I'll manage get a few thoughts down that are.


morislando0887 said...
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Anonymous said...

Why the hell are you censoring your commentators! You Mormons can't take any real criticism, can you?

Marc said...

I can take criticism... just can't take advertisements.